Call for Applications: Host Entity for the ERC Secretariat

15 February 2023

Call for Applications: Host Entity for the ERC Secretariat

The Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) is seeking applications from prospective entities to host its future administrative unit (‘Secretariat’).

The role of the proposed Secretariat will be to provide ongoing support to the full membership of the ERC in various internal processes and tasks related to administration and coordination. It will act as a crucial link between all ERC participants, including member states, multilateral agencies, and civil society organisations. As well, it will support the governance, communications, and operations of the Coalition, contributing to its continuity and ability to reach its greatest potential in favour of the lives and rights of LGBTI+ people worldwide.

Key roles and responsibilities include establishing mechanisms for the good governance of the ERC; coordination and communications; event planning and support; general administrative support and financial accountability; maintaining an up-to-date register of ERC membership, for both states and civil society; keeping an up-to-date record of their participation; verifying that changes in government management remain in line with ERC principles, and notifying the co-chairs in the event that this condition is not met.

The entity wishing to serve as the host of the Secretariat must have (required):

  1. Experience working in global partnerships and managing similar organisational set-ups.
  2. Capacity to hire staff to provide the necessary services as outlined in the Terms of Reference and embed an administrative unit that will operate independent from the host CSO in terms of its content and accountability.
  3. Human resources policies and practices that support the well-being and professional growth of the administrative unit’s staff.
  4. Capacity to receive and disburse funds from foundations and multiple governments, when donations to the ERC Secretariat are received.
  5. Ability to provide transparent financial accountability for all funds received, with robust financial policies, processes, and infrastructure in place.
  6. Well-established reputation working in favour of LGBTI+ rights nationally, regionally, or globally.
  7. Proven track record of working successfully with government officials in an ongoing manner.
  8. English or Spanish as a working language.
  9. Two professional references that can attest to their track record in LGBTI+ and/or human rights advocacy.


  1. Current or previous membership, involvement, or engagement with the Equal Rights Coalition civil society network, or evidence of commitment to and active engagement in the ERC. Examples include:
    1. Civil society co-chairship.
    2. Thematic Group CSO co-chairship.
    3. Civil Society Core Group membership and regular attendance.
    4. Thematic Group membership and regular attendance.
    5. Attendance at ERC Global Conferences.
    6. Other event attendance (e.g., Strategy launch, webinars).
    7. Other actions, such as responses to consultations and surveys, contributions to ERC outputs, utilisation of mailing list, etc.
  2. Based in a Global South/East country, or with documented experience of working with organisations based in the Global South/East.
  3. Works on trans rights or with documented experience working with trans organisations. 
  4. Works on intersex rights, or with documented experience working with intersex led organisations.

For more information, please read the Terms of Reference for the ERC Secretariat.

To submit an application, kindly access the application form via this link.

Kindly note that the deadline to submit an application is April 3rd at 11:59 pm CET.

If you have any questions or comments about this process, kindly email the ERC CSO co-chairs and the ERC Officer by clicking here.

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