Buenos Aires 2022 Conference Report

30 novembre 2022

In September 2022, Argentina and the UK hosted a hybrid ERC Conference on 8 and 9 September 2022 in Buenos Aires. On 7 September the British Embassy in Buenos Aires hosted a CSO pre-conference convening, the report for which can be found here.

The objective of this biennial conference was to highlight what had been delivered during the co-chairs’ tenure in relation to the Strategy, discuss topical issues related to LGBTI rights given the changing landscape for LGBTI rights and pass the baton on to the next co-chairs.

Additionally, this convening focussed on the status of the implementation of the Strategy and Implementation Plan (launched in July 2021), and Member States endorsed further actions that provide direction to advance delivery of the ERC’s strategic priorities and operations.

The three conference ‘streams’ were:

1. Reporting on progress and setting the vision for the next two-year phase of the ERC;

2. Addressing the biggest challenges to the future of the ERC and addressing its future as a mechanism; and

3. Strategies and good practices for tackling global democratic back sliding.

This report summarises the discussions that were held throughout the conference, and the resulting outcomes.

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