Privacy Policy

ERC Digital Platform Privacy Policy

This policy sets out explains in a clear and transparent way how we collect information, how we use it, and how we keep it safe.

As the ERC Digital Platform is a collaborative initiative across multiple organisations and intentionally designed to be co-chaired by two organisations every two years, we’ve included more information below to understand who these people are and what the platform is there to do.

The Equal Rights Coalition is an intergovernmental body dedicated to the protection of the rights of LGBTI persons. It is co-chaired by two Member States, who coordinate the Coalition for a two-year term, before handing over to the next Co-Chairs. This co-chairship is mirrored by civil society, with whom the State Co-Chairs work in partnership.

For the (extended) 2019-22 term, the Co-Chairs are Argentina and the UK, and the Civil Society Co-Chairs are Asociación Familias Diversas Argentina, Kaleidoscope Trust, and Stonewall.

This website was created through funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth, & Development Office, and is currently managed by representatives of Stonewall and Kaleidoscope Trust. Management of the site will transfer when the co-chairship is handed over to new leadership at the end of the current mandate. Upon transition to new Co-Chairs, these responsibilities will be handed over.

The ERC digital platform has two data collection touch points via the ‘contact us’ form and the ‘get involved’ form. We only collect a minimum amount of personal information where necessary. We ask for your consent prior to you submitting any information and personal information to us. We use consent as the lawful basis to process your information, for further information on your rights and freedoms within the countries and regulations we operate as Co-chairs please see our respective privacy policies below.

For the duration of our management of this platform, Stonewall and Kaleidoscope Trust will respond to any queries through email on our respective email systems. We will delete responses within a three-month period and not store your personal information anywhere other than on our secure email system. We actively ensure we comply with GDPR and relevant data privacy laws, and our respective privacy policies can be found on the Kaleidoscope Trust and Stonewall websites. The FCDO’s privacy policy can be found on their website.

First version May 2021.