ERC Conferences

The ERC Global Conference is the only global convening of its kind in which states, development cooperation agencies, civil society, international organizations, philanthropic foundations, and other relevant stakeholders come together to advance LGBTI human rights and inclusive development.


The Equal Rights Coalition was launched at the Global LGBTI Human Rights Conference in Montevideo in 2016, at which the 30 founding Member States of the ERC were announced. The Vancouver conference in 2018 marked the first conference under a fully operational ERC and provided opportunities for high-level diplomatic engagement, working-level collaboration, and network-building among ERC stakeholders.

Under the co-chairship of the UK and Argentina, the ERC global conference was due to take place in London in May 2020, bringing together key stakeholders to progress LGBTI human rights and inclusive development, but this was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will now be a virtual event, held in July 2021 and hosted by the State Co-Chair governments. This event will operationalise the ERC 5-year Strategy, look to move discussions forwards on key issues facing LGBTI communities worldwide, and produce clear outcomes for progress beyond the event.

The ERC conferences

Montevideo 2016

The Global LGBTI Human Rights Conference was held from 10-15 July 2016 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Vancouver 2018

Leaving No-One Behind: the Equal Rights Coalition Global Conference on LGBTI Human Rights and Inclusive Development took place from 5-7 August 2018 in Vancouver, Canada, under the co-chairship of Canada and Chile. 

London 2021

A virtual ERC conference, hosted by the State Co-Chairs (the United Kingdom and Argentina), was held on 6-7 July 2021. This event focused on launching the ERC 5-year Strategy and Implementation Plan.

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2021 Online Conference Report

06 August 2021


CSO Co-Chair Speeches, 2021 Conference

07 July 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic & LGBTIQ+ communities: a call for action for government & multilateral donors

20 April 2021

Research Briefing

Gender Recognition and Trans Rights in the UK

20 October 2020


Report 1: Global Impact of COVID-19 on LGBTI Communities

20 April 2020

Equal Rights Coalition Civil Society Roles & Structure Proposal

20 November 2018


ERC 2021 Convening Civil Society Statement

09 July 2021

Strategic Document

Equal Rights Coalition Strategic Plan 2021-2026

06 July 2021

Strategic Document

Annex B: Five-Year Implementation Plan

06 July 2021


A statement by the Equal Rights Coalition on serious human rights violations and abuses against LGBTI people in the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation.

19 April 2021


Equal Rights Coalition’s (ERC) statement on coronavirus (COVID-19) and the human rights of LGBTI persons

15 May 2020


Statement by Equal Rights Coalition on the situation in Brunei

13 April 2019