Thematic Group on Donor Coordination: Report from 2018 Conference

08 August 2018

Report of the Side Event to the Conference “Leave No One Behind: the Equal Rights Coalition Global Conference on LGBTI Human Rights”.

The side event was organized into four moderated panel discussions, each followed by an opportunity for other participants to contribute to the discussion. This report is intended to highlight key refections that were shared during each panel; provide a list of recommendations offered by panellists and participants; and pose a number of outstanding questions for further exploration by the working group. While a variety of challenges and successes were shared and discussed, key themes of the side-event included:

  • The need to better understand and map the various mechanisms through which funding can be channelled to the grassroots – including various government funding mechanisms and funding intermediaries.
  • The need to balance funding for dedicated LGBTIQ work with an approach of mainstreaming LGBTIQ issues into broader funding programs.
  • The need to leverage the working group in documenting best practices in funding LGBTIQ human rights programming to both inform current donors and to engage new donors.

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