ERC statement on the legalization of Same-Sex Marriage and Homoparental Adoption in Greece

26 February 2024

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage and Homoparental Adoption in Greece

The Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) is delighted to announce that Greece, a Member State of the ERC, has officially legalized same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption. This historic decision marks a significant step towards equal rights and inclusion.

We congratulate the Government of Greece for this landmark legislation in the fight for human rights and equality. This watershed moment reflects a substantial commitment to the principles of justice, freedom and dignity for all citizens. By recognizing and protecting the right to marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, Greece continues to build a more inclusive, respectful and equitable society.

This step also sends a powerful message of support and solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community not only in Greece but around the world, reaffirming their fundamental right to live and love freely, without discrimination or fear.

At a time when the world faces challenges and divisions, we celebrate Greece’s leadership in promoting these rights for all its citizens, without distinction.

This achievement reminds us that progress is possible when we unite in defense of human rights and dignity of each individual.

Once again, the Coalition extends its heartfelt congratulations to Greece on this historic milestone and renews its commitment to continue working together to build a more inclusive and fair future for each and everyone.

Statement on behalf of the Equal Rights Coalition by its co-chairs, Mexico and Germany.

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