ERC Statement on the recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Nepal

19 July 2023

The Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) compliments the recent interim order by the Supreme Court of Nepal to recognise marriage equality by allowing same-sex couples to register their marriages. This de-facto recognition marks the first step to legally secure equal marriage rights for LGBTIQ+ couples in Nepal. This historical and essential progress contributes to building momentum for equality in the country.

We acknowledge the hard and arduous work of activists and lawyers who have been advocating to achieve de-facto recognition of their fundamental rights, and the continuous efforts by the Supreme Court to grant equal marital rights to the Nepalese LGBTIQ+ community regardless of their gender.

This order by the Supreme Court of Nepal marks an important milestone for the LGBTIQ+ community on the road to equality in Asia and we look forward to the final judgement. We also recognise the work that remains to be done by the Government of Nepal to translate these decisions into more inclusive legislation. We unite in support of LGBTIQ+ persons and will continue our engagement with Nepal to foster a world where all people can live and love in happiness, liberty and dignity.

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