Donor Coordination: LGBTI Livelihoods and Anti-Poverty Programs

06 June 2019

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The Equal Rights Coalition Thematic Group on Donor Coordination hosted a webinar regarding LGBTI community-based and community-led programs that focus on livelihood development for vulnerable LGBTI populations.

This webinar was intended to continue some of the rich discussions from the ERC conference in Vancouver and open up a broader conversation among donor governments about how to better address the economic needs of LGBTI communities. Featured speakers showcased their particular models of economic empowerment and livelihoods development.

Speakers were:

  • (Moderator) Kent Lindera, USAID
  • Yara Kong, Micro Rainbow Cambodia; Cambodia
  • Sebastian Rocca, Micro Rainbow International Foundation
  • Erastus Nduna, HOYMAS; Nairobi, Kenya
  • John Waters, ProActividad; Dominican Republic

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