National Laws & Policies: LGBTI Refugees

08 April 2022

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The Equal Rights Coalition Thematic Group on National Laws and Policies hosted a webinar on LGBTI Refugees, with the support of Rainbow Railroad and Global Affairs Canada. The webinar aimed to:

  1. Shed light on the current conditions of LGBTI  internally displaced persons, asylum-seekers and refugees around the world and highlight the urgency of addressing their needs
  2. Learn how civil society organizations, and governments have responded to these conditions. 
  3. Present good practice recommendations to ERC member states on LGBTI-inclusive refugee policies. 

Speakers were:

  • Brian Okollan, activist (Kenya)
  • Lenny Emson, Kyiv Pride (Ukraine)
  • Mariano Ruiz, AMAL (Argentina)
  • Emily Hewitt, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (Canada)
  • Linyi Baidal Sequeira, Head of the Human Rights Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

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